02 Feb

Lingva Web Thistle Newsletter 7

Lingva students from Gorenje at C1.a level have shared some interesting news with us in the latest issue of Lingva Web Thistle. Ivana, Ana and Aleksandar are reporting about their Business English course at Lingva, a burning issue connected with air pollution in Valjevo, Serbian tourism impact on the world media and an interesting development in the business of cider production.

07 Jun

My English Diary: A Walk round Valjevo


Dear Students,
We are approaching the end of our second project module that helped us learn something about our city and it is time for you to sit down and see for yourselves what you can say and write in English.  Here is a link to some guidelines that will help you express what you have learnt so far:
My English Diary-A Walk round Valjevo Assignment
19 Mar



Today we are going to start working on our newspaper project, Lingva Gazette, at this site: www.smore.com

It will have the following main sections:

Lingva News
Valjevo/Mionica Community
The Lingva News section will include an article about the English course you are attending and the members of your group. It should also include what you especially like to do in this course and what your expectations are for the future. Another contribution for this section will be an interview with one of your  coursemates.
In searching for and gathering information for other section of our newspaper, you may find the following sites useful:
Free-to-use photos can be found at:
In the second stage of our project we will present the content of our newspapers and decide which events or situations you think you will remember and why.
08 Nov

MUST SEE AND FEEL … Assignment

Gradac Gorge


Imagine that you work for a travel agency and that your boss has asked you to make  promotional flyers for some beauty spots, cultural monuments or other specific tourist offers in and around Valjevo. The series of flyers titled “Must See and Feel …“ is planned to include the following attractions:

Greening along the River Gradac

Promenading round Pecina Park

Roughing It in Valjevo Mountains

Hikers Paradise on Divcibare

History Makers of Valjevo

Valjevo between East and West

Wildflower Trails of Valjevo

Love for Art in Valjevo

Village Treats round Valjevo

Breezy Summer Camps in Valjevo

1. Decide which topic you are going to cover and make a plan for your writing. Think about some general information and the most popular features that would attract large numbers of visitors. This example will help you in your planning:

Must See and Feel … River Gradac

2. Write the text and illustrate it with suitable photographs.

3. Embed your flyers in Lingva WP blog.

4. Have a look at other people’s flyers. What do you like about them? Is there anything that could be improved? Write your feedback in the comments section.

09 Oct


Are we lucky or unlucky to live in a relatively peaceful city?

Tesnjar by Lj.Ljiljak


Although Valjevo is one of bigger cities in Serbia you can still say that it’s a peaceful city.

The best thing about Valjevo is that there are not many people living in the town’s centre, and that is where the beauty of Valjevo lies. Pople like to linger there in cafes after their work.

Tešnjar is another good place to relax owing to its interesting architecture, in which old crafts and small shops are still preserved although the local government prefers to subsidise big supermarket chains. All these old houses, quiet streets and small shops make Valjevo one of most peaceful cities in our country, and we should be happy because of that.

Pople are always complaining that there are not many things to do in Valjevo but I think that in most cases they should blame themselves.