Katarina Andrić

My name is Katarina Andric. I graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 2009, at the department of The English Language and Literature. I have been teaching English for almost five years –all five years in Lingva Language Centre in Valjevo. Through Lingva I have become a member of ELTA.

I believe that it is important to encourage students to use their strengths and overcome their weaknesses as well as to help them develop both socially and intellectually. During the language learning process, students should feel relaxed and free to use their creativity in the best way possible, they should have fun and experience different aspects of language. And I think Lingva is the right place for that because there you feel that you are a part of community and everybody is working towards the same goals. What I personally like about working in Lingva is the fact that I can rely on both the management and colleagues whenever I need advice and support. I also get a lot of opportunities to develop professionally and all of that is done in a positive and friendly atmosphere.