Marija Matić GrujićAs a former Lingva’s student I am really pleased to be a member of its current teacher’s team. I graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Department of the English Language and Literature. During my studies at Lingva I also passed Cambridge First Certificate Exam which helped me gain confidence and language skills for further study and work purposes.
I have been teaching English at Lingva since 2008 and during that period I have also become a member of ELTA. Up to now I have worked with students of all ages but I particularly feel comfortable teaching young learners and primary school students. What I find important in my job is constant professional development, which has been provided by Lingva from the very beginning, good organizational and planning skills as well as a good relationship with students. In my opinion, they need permanent teacher’s support and guidance in a friendly environment and relaxing atmosphere in order to be able to find the best way to acquire language knowledge.
What I personally like about working at Lingva is teaching small classes, a great relationship with my colleagues and the school management, the fact that I am given a lot of opportunities to develop professionally and to use multimedia equipment and all other material necessary for successful classes.