09 Oct


Are we lucky or unlucky to live in a relatively peaceful city?

Tesnjar by Lj.Ljiljak


Although Valjevo is one of bigger cities in Serbia you can still say that it’s a peaceful city.

The best thing about Valjevo is that there are not many people living in the town’s centre, and that is where the beauty of Valjevo lies. Pople like to linger there in cafes after their work.

Tešnjar is another good place to relax owing to its interesting architecture, in which old crafts and small shops are still preserved although the local government prefers to subsidise big supermarket chains. All these old houses, quiet streets and small shops make Valjevo one of most peaceful cities in our country, and we should be happy because of that.

Pople are always complaining that there are not many things to do in Valjevo but I think that in most cases they should blame themselves.

05 Mar

Newscast Review by Marko Lazic

Phoenix lights was a strange event that took place in Phoenix 1997.  Local people saw some strange lights in the sky wich were shaped like a V letter and were as big as two blocks of buidings. Right after the event, Arizona’s Governor Fife Symington said that nothing had happed but now he changed his mind.

Right after the event journalists asked people who witnessed it what had happened what did they had seen and all of them told the same story. They talked about how big it was and how they couldn’t do anything about it. But state officials said that nothing had happend. A press conference was held by Arizona’s Governor who made a joke out of it. He made his chief-of-staff  dress as an alien. His goal was to  emphasize how journalists were so keen on explaining what had happened.

But 10 years after Fife Symington changed his mind. Now he wants to explain what had happened then, and now he has a support of many UFO fanatics and organisations connected with free availability of information. He said to CNN: ,,It must be an UFO unless The Department of Defense proves otherwise”.

I think that this must be some type of secret army project which they cannot talk about in public. In my opinion the reason why former Arizona’s Governor is talking about this is that he seeks some attention from the media.

22 Feb


I think I am a little bit superstitious. I think it is my grandmother’s fault because she is a very superstitious woman. She really knows all customs from her homeland and she is really keen on keeping them alive. She would go crazy if anyone did not respect them. So that is the origin of my superstitions and they became a type of habit and not something I believe in. When someone talks about how well they are doing, it is like an instict for me to say ”Demons should not hear that”. However, I really do not care about black cats, mirrors and such things even though I used to when I was younger. For me there is no person who is not a bit superstitious because you simply must believe in something.