12 Apr

Sport Marksmanship

Serbian Sport Shooters


Sport Marksmanship presentation

by Ivana Urosevic

Marksmanship Vocabulary Worksheet
Marksmanship Vocabulary Worksheet – Answers
Marksmanship Vocabulary 1 Interactive Activity
Marksmanship Vocabulary 2 Interactive Activity



12 Apr

Basketball – Healthy Lifestyle


Serbian Baskeball Team


Basketball presentation

by Natasa Isailovic

Basketball Vocabulary Interactive Activity 1
Baskeball Vocabulary Interactive Activity 2 – Serbian translation
11 Apr

Learning to Sew & Something Else

Bagat Sewing Machine

Learning to Sew & Something Else presentation

by Jelena Nikolić

Sewing Vocabulary Flash Cards
Sewing Vocabulary Gap-fill Activity
Sewing Vocabulary Interactive Activity
Sewing Vocabulary Interactive Activity with Serbian Explanations