22 Mar

Information sheet by Sanja Z.

"chess passion" by Ivan Spasic


Queen Checkmate


Who are we?

Queen Checkmate is the most visited chess club in your country.
This club was founded 20 years ago by our famous chess player David O’Connor.

Here are also some other famous chess players, but you will meet them if you come to join us!


Who can join?

New members of all ages and strengths are always welcome in this small and friendly chess club.

Anyone wishing to apply to become our member and friend should come on next Saturday, and your entry will cost you one game of chess, or you should call us at the following number:



Why join the club?

Chess is an unusual game where you always devote all your attention to being precise and organised in a short period of time.

One of the most popular features of our club is our coaching programme for juniors from 7 to 15 years old.

We also have a lot of experienced players who are always on hand to give advice to less experienced players.

Members have opportunity to join in the many social activities run by the leisure centre and we also participate in organizing Internet matches with other chess clubs around the country.


Where and when do we meet?
The club meets every Monday and Friday at 7.30 pm in the city centre.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or senior, the club regularly provides a range of competitive matches twice a month.


It is good to join this club if you have time.

A big number of fun people who are always ready for a smile and a new chess game are waiting for you!


21 Mar



Chess game by muffet

Who are we?

  • Valjevo’s chess club was established in 2006 and our members are mostly young people.

Where and when do we meet?

  • We meet every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Valjevo’s Youth Centre.

How good do you have to be?

  • you do not have to know anything about chess
  • it doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an expert
  • polite teachers will help you to learn it and to develop your skills

Is it open to all ages, and men and women?

  • everyone can join, both men and women
  • new members of 17-25 years of age are always welcome

Why join the club?

  • the club has great atmosphere, all members are sociable and creative people
  • you will meet a lot of new people, and you will broaden your views
  •  if you are a professional chess player, you will be able to work on yourself and improve your skills

Are there any competitions?

  • yes, in both categories: beginners & experts
  • there is a competition in our club every two months, but you can also attend competitions in other towns

Who do you contact?

  •   if you have any questions or you want to enroll in our club you can dial the number  338-6610
  •   just to let you know, the membership is free
  •   if you apply until 1st April you will get a chess set as a gift
19 Mar

Information sheet by Milica Cvetinovic

Well-established chess club looking for new members!


Established in 1899, “The Queen” is the oldest and the most successful club in the country. It has always been managed by the best known experts in the field and now is looking for new members!


Reasons for joining the club

You may want to find a new hobby or just try something new. Apart from these there are lots of others reasons to join:

  • This is a place where you will have the opportunity of developing your skills
  • You will be able to learn from the best
  • You will make new connections and friendships


Other extra benefits:

Apart from the reasons above, you will get some extra benefits as a member of the Club:

  • Every three months you will get an extra ticket for using the city library.
  • Every Wednesday we will have special guests giving lectures about the world famous games of chess.
  • You will be able to take part in some competitions organized by the State Chess Association.
  • If you win, you may have a chance to gain some valuable prizes such as a week-end trip toMoscowto the Hall of Chess for the World Chess Championship.



Membership is open to anyone aged 9 – 99. It isn’t necessary to have any previous knowledge about chess. To get in, just come to our offices in the town hall between 7pm and 9pm any Monday or Wednesday and bring your ID.


Remember: we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Just call us at our office phone.