18 Feb

A2 Playing for Change

The images, text and video for this exercise are taken from Playing for Change

Exercises should be done in the following order 🙂




gap fill

 Don’t Worry and enjoy :)!

27 Oct


Zaovine by Fif'


The purpose of this assignment is to be able to exchange information about Serbia using various passive structures.

1. Search the web to gather and select a variety of information about Serbia.

2. Use Hot Potatoes authoring tools to make 10 questions about Serbia using passive structures. Include at least 5 different passive structures.

3. Ask other pairs to do your quiz and complete quizzes made by other pairs.

4. Discuss the quizzes.

     a. Whose quiz was most similar to/different from yours?
     b. Whose quiz was the most difficult/easiest?
     c. Whose quiz helped you learn the most unusual/interesting/useful things?

5. Write  your feedback on Serbia Quiz Wall.

 Acknowledgement: I got the idea for this activity from Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield.