18 Feb

Famous People Biographies: Taylor Swift by Katarina

Taylor Swift Presentation

Taylor Swift Film Presentation

by Katarina Krstajić

This multimedia English project was facilitated by teacher Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic


08 Nov

MUST SEE AND FEEL … Assignment

Gradac Gorge


Imagine that you work for a travel agency and that your boss has asked you to make  promotional flyers for some beauty spots, cultural monuments or other specific tourist offers in and around Valjevo. The series of flyers titled “Must See and Feel …“ is planned to include the following attractions:

Greening along the River Gradac

Promenading round Pecina Park

Roughing It in Valjevo Mountains

Hikers Paradise on Divcibare

History Makers of Valjevo

Valjevo between East and West

Wildflower Trails of Valjevo

Love for Art in Valjevo

Village Treats round Valjevo

Breezy Summer Camps in Valjevo

1. Decide which topic you are going to cover and make a plan for your writing. Think about some general information and the most popular features that would attract large numbers of visitors. This example will help you in your planning:

Must See and Feel … River Gradac

2. Write the text and illustrate it with suitable photographs.

3. Embed your flyers in Lingva WP blog.

4. Have a look at other people’s flyers. What do you like about them? Is there anything that could be improved? Write your feedback in the comments section.

26 Jul

C1 Friends and Foes

Lingva Workshop No. 16, 21 June 2012

Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic at Lingva Workshop 16










C1 Friends and Foes Lesson Plan

C1 Friends & Foes Worksheet

by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic

26 Jul

C2 Hole Hearted, Extreme by Lora Petronic-Petrovic

Lingva Workshop No. 16, 21 June 2012

Lora Petronic-Petrovic presenting at Lingva Workshop 16









C2: Lesson Plan: Hole Hearted, Extreme

by Lora Petronic-Petrovic