Tense gap-fill exercise by Jana Perić

Fill in the gaps with a verb from the box in the correct form, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
He (to be) a very strange person. Today he would be 47 years old, but unfortunately he (commit) suicide in 1994. He (use) to say that he would become a superstar and (die) in the flames of his own fame, and that is exactly what (happen).

He (grow up) as an older child, (raise) by young parents who (divorce) years later. He (blame) himself for the divorce, so he (turn) to drugs and alcohol. He (start) smoking cannabis at 14, the same time he got his first guitar. He (always be) a deeply emotional person, and he (can) not bear with all the pain he (think) there was in the world.

Around his twenties he (form) his band, and (work) really hard to be noticed (write) melodies and lyrics on his own. He soon (become) famous round the globe and in the coming years he (sell) over 75 million albums worldwide. He (think) to be a revolutionary of grunge music. In the last months of his life, he (leave) his wife and young daughter to go to rehab, but he (manage) to escape it and a few days later he (find) dead.

This year, he (induct) as well as other band members into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and (still believe) to be one of the greatest musicians of all time.

Photo by Juanky