News Story Tenses: Uber in London
by Jelisaveta Maksimovic

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On Friday, Transport for London (TfL) (announce) US-based taxi booking application Uber ( not get) a renewed private hire operator license after their current permit (expires) at the end of the month. The regulatory body (release) an official statement on their website and (state) Uber London Limited (be)"not fit and proper to (hold) a private hire operator license".

TfL said Uber London " (demonstrate) a lack of corporate responsibility" for (report) serious criminal offences, and for (obtain) background of the drivers and medical certificates. In August, police (say) Uber (allow) a driver despite allegations of sexually (assault) a passenger. The company (accuse) of sexism and (bully). TfL in its statement also (complain) about possible use of "greyball" software (prevent) officials from (access) the application for law enforcement duties.

According to Uber's statistics, about 3.5 million people in London (use) Uber. There are some 40 thousand drivers (tie) with Uber within the British capital. Per the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998, Uber appeal against TfL's decision within three weeks. Uber (receive) an interim renewal for four months in May, and it is set (expire) at the end of the month.

Adapted from: Uber London to lose operator licence after September
Photo credit: London anti-Uber taxi protest June 11 2014 by David Holt