News Verb Forms: Fan Expo Canada 2019 offers celebrities, cosplay, panels
by Uros Uveric

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In late August, the Canadian city of Toronto celebrated the quarter century anniversary of Fan Expo Canada, a massive annual pop culture convention. (run) from August 22 to 25, the event featured extensive retail areas, panels, celebrity appearances, an artist alley, and attendees in cosplay. Wikinews attended.
At the panel "Breaking Into Comics," speakers shared their insights into getting (start) as a comic artist or writer. Comic artist Jenn St-Onge (Nancy Drew, Jem and the Misfits) told of (force) to re-evaluate her life, after growing with ample positive reinforcement about being an artist. "In my first stint, I (not get) any work. [...] to come back and get that kind of second chance, eight years ago, it feels really good to have people (come) to you and being 'I want you to work,' and basically (work) seven days a week for the last eight years."
"You work those seven days to earn a weekend," quipped Valiant Entertainment editor Heather Antos, later in the panel. While all agreed that time off was rare as a freelancer, artist Leisha Riddell (emphasize) the need for boundaries, (say) "this weekend, I (become) part of the couch and playing video games until my eyes (go) blurry."
(ask) about sustainability, the company noted that recently they (switch) to a bio-based PET for their packaging, "which was more plant-based plastic for greater environmental concerns. This week, Hasbro announced (announce) that we (look) to switch away from plastic altogether, in terms of our packaging [...] we're very much aware that a lot of times times plastic (rip) off and discarded, so we (try,constantly) to improve on that as a company to improve our environmental footprint."

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Photo: Costumed attendees of Fan Expo 2019 in Toronto, cosplayers.
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