News Verb Forms: Toronto's Anime North 2019
by Jelena Peric

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Many thousands of anime and manga fans descended on the Toronto Congress Centre for Anime North, a fan-run convention (launch) in 1997. (spread) between four venues over three days, May 24 to 26, the event featured J-pop maid idols, voice actors, writers, and more.
The event (organize) by a massive team of volunteers, and (know) for its specialized programming for fans, by fans. On the night of May 25, for example, attendees catch "Pokemon Biology", "Kimono Obi Tying", and "Underappreciated Sports Anime/Manga."
US voice actor Alexis Tipton (marvel) at the growth of the anime industry in the last decade.
Tipton held a panel on her career, (dub) anime for US distribution company Funimation Entertainment.
Early in her career, Tipton (cast) as a voice for My Bride is a Mermaid, a role that required (sing). Then just 19 years old, she looked at the role as a "chance to face my demons," (question) her abilities for years. "I was in an extremely competitive [singing musical theatre] program in high school. I (start) working at Funimation when I was 19, so I was just barely in college. And so those scars were still like, really fresh. I had a lot of competition and people (find) what your perceived weakness was, or what your actual weakness was in the program, and they (take) advantage of it.

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Photo: Canadian singer and cosplay model Jillea as Charizard
Nicholas Moreau - Own work
Photography of the Anime North convention in Toronto.