Katarina Vićentijević

As Lingva’s former student, I am very thrilled and proud to join the teaching team. I graduated from The Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Department for the English Language and Literature, in 2013. As a grammar school student I passed the CAE exam in 2008, which made me more prepared for what was waiting for me at the University. I obtained a Master’s Degree at the same Faculty in 2014.

My first work experience dates back to 2012, when I started giving classes to peer students at the other faculties of the Belgrade University. Throughout my student’s years in Belgrade I worked as a substitute teacher in Tom&Ema School of English, which was extremely useful and really prepared me for working with children. Besides Lingva, I’m currently working in Grammar School in Valjevo.

I firmly believe that being a teacher goes far beyond simply teaching your subject and grading your students. As a teacher, you are responsible for the youth of one nation, responsible for their raising and their further development. A teacher needs to be prepared for all sorts of questions, and is always expected to know the answer. My goal is to teach my students through creative games and workshops, to make the English language as interesting and as useful as possible.

I feel that Lingva has made it possible for me to become who I am today, and I cannot think of a better place where I can perfect my teaching skills. I enjoy the relaxed working atmosphere, where everybody is with a smile on their face and is always ready to help you with anything you might need.