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Meet our favourite singers and actors


When thinking which famous people to present, we have all decided to choose singers and actors: Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Tom Holland. Our main criteria in selecting were our personal preferences, their recognized achievements in the worlds of music and film, but also their positive personal traits – all of them are independent, brave, hard-working and above all generous and ready to share part of their wealth with people in need.

Rihanna by Neda Munjic

Jennifer Lopez by Nina Arsenovic

Thomas Holland by Jovan Jevtic

Taylor Swift by Katarina Krstajic

Nobody compares to them

The best singers for us are Ariana, Selena, Shakira and Taylor. Ariana has the nicest voice and Selena is the most beautiful without makeup. Taylor is fitter than Ariana and Shakira is the fittest.
Not only do we like football but we play it as well. Our favourite players are Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s muscles are bigger than Messi’s, Messi’s muscles are bigger than Neymar’s, but Neymar is taller than Messi, and Messie is more popular than Ronaldo.
Our favourite basketball players are LeBron and Curry. LeBron is older, stronger and taller than Curry, but Curry is better at basketball than LeBron. Curry is the best player in the world.

We made these beautiful posters with the help of our teacher Ivana Lazić.

Messi and Neymar

by Stefan Anicic and Vojin Aleksic

LeBron James and Curry

by Strahinja Simic, Viktor Manic and Pavle Rankovic

LE Bron James and Stephen Curry

by Vuk Ilic and Petra Nemeshajmer

Ariana, Selena and Shakira

by Ana Dobric, Andrijana Radic and Masa Kragovic

Ronaldo and Messi

by Andrej Pantelic, Ivan Markovic and Lazar Maletic

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift

by Nina Peric and Petra Maksimovic

Famous People Biographies 2015

Why do we admire musicians R5, Eminem, Deadmau5, Guns N’ Roses, Zayn Malik, Beyonce, actress Sandra Bullock and basketball-player Allen Iverson? Here are some of the answers:
“I think they’re very talented and they play with their hearts. They love what they do and it’s very important.”
“I admire him because he helped so many people get on with their lives.”
“He is very unique, he wears his costume, the mouse helmet, at every performance he has and he is very humorous.”
“They are very old, but still very good.”
“He is my favourite singer and he is a great person.”
“She is very successful and she cares a lot about her fans.”
“I think it is great that she donates money to charity.”
“He is a great example of a person who grows and learns through his mistakes.”
Lingva Secondary B1.b group: Anđela Mišković, Ognjen Stanojlović, Nikola Lukić, Emilija Mirković, Mira Đukić, Jelisaveta Maksimović, Marija Đukić and Filip Miličević, supported by teacher Katarina Andrić.

DJ Deadmau5 by Nikola Lukić

Eminem by Ognjen Stanojlović

Guns N`Roses by Emilija Mirković

R5 by Andjela Mišković

Allen Iverson by Filip Miličević

Sandra Bullock by Marija Đukić

Zayn Malik by Mirjana Đukić

Beyonce by Jelisaveta Maksimović

Learning of English Tenses Can Be a Pastime

Learning of English tenses can be fun if done through interesting texts, such as excerpts from biographies of famous actors and singers: Sean Connery, Jesse Williams, Avril Lavigne, Johnny Depp, Curt Cobain and Eminem. As we could once again see for ourselves that what we recognize in a text cannot be automatically acquired and that practice makes perfect, the least we can do is to tailor such practice to our interests.
These contributions to Lingva’s treasure trove of interactive exercises “Learn Better English” were made by our students, as part of their preparation for the Cambridge CAE exam – Sofija Rajković, Jovana Đokić, Milica Milisavljević, Tamara Šarčević, Ana Petrović, Jana Perić and Marijana Janković, together with their teacher Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović.

English tenses: Sean Connery by Sofija Rajković
English tenses: Avril Lavigne by Tamara Šarčević
English tenses: Jesse Williams by Marijana Janković
English tenses: Johnny Depp by Milica Milisavljević i Jovana Djokić
English tenses: Eminem by Ana Petrović
English tenses: Curt Cobain by Jana Perić