Lora Petronić Petrović

I am a teacher of Spanish (Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade, group “Spanish language
and Hispanic literatures”) and English language (I have completed courses for a teacher of
English – First Certificate for Teachers of Business English, LCCI; Certificate in English as a
Foreign Language Assessment, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Certificate in
Teaching Languages with Technology, Trinity College London & The Consultants-E). I
have been working as a teacher for fifteen years and I am a member of the ELTA Association of
English Teachers.

Special fields of my interest are teaching young learners and evaluation, assessment and testing.
I have been working in “Lingva” since 2007 and the largest part of my knowledge comes from
working in this school. Working in “Lingva” fills me with pleasure since the managament insists
on constant improving of our teachers’ knowledge in the first place, hence our students’, as well.