My Last Weekend – Brick Creation

Our weekends are usually very quiet becuse we are all relaxed , but from time to time little mishaps happen and disturb our peace. They can give us a bit of a fright, such as when we come across a snake in the countryside, make us a little sad if somebody falls down and hurt themselves, but very often we are amuzed and have a good laugh when animals or people bungle things and cause a great commotion. Here are short news stories with lego brick illustrations about our last weekend of summer holiday. Teacher Marija Milovanović helped us in creating them.

My Last Weekend by Jelena Perić & Sofija Belušević

My Last Weekend by Luka Vujić and Milica Mitrović

My Last Weekend by Filip Tomić and Lazar Branković

My Last Weekend by Uroš Uverić, David Lukić & Filip Petrović