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Most popular Movies in Lingva A2.a/2 Group

Our Favourite Movies by A2.a Group 2
Our Favourite Movies by A2.a Group 2

Here are some more movies that we have watched recently. Some are scary, some epic and some are witty and romantic. Sometimes we do not know whether we prefer film stars or special effects. Very often we like a good story with fantastic creatures or with teenage resourcefulness. The films we like best are Resident Evil: Extermination, The Lord of the Rings and Zapped.

Our Favourite Movie by Aleksandra Živanović and Milica Nikolić
Our Favourite Movie by Marko Stojanović & Nikola Živanović
Our Favourite Movies by Đorđe Jelić  and Lazar Beljić

Most Popular Movies at Lingva: Group A2.a/3

Our favourite movie genres this month (November 2014) are action, adventure, comedy and fantasy. The films we like best are The Mummy, The Amazing Spider-man, Transporter 2, Home Alone, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Sofija Glišić, Milica Vujić, Veljko Gajić, Luka Lučić, Janko Šejatović, Elena Korčula, Tina Mijatović and Nikola Adžić, with teacher Katarina Vićentijević

My Favourite Movie by Sofija
My Favourite Movie by Milica
Our Favourite Movie by Janko and Elena
Our Favourite Movie by Luka and Veljko
Our Favourite Movie by Tina and Nikola