09 Jul

Lingva Summer Workshop No. 14

Lingva Workshop June 2011 - From right to left: Marija Milovanovic, Katarina Ristic and Katarina Andric

On June 23, 2011, Lingva teachers held the 14th In-house Lingva Workshop. The workshop covered both original work and modifications of activities described in ELT literature or of those presented in other workshops or seminars. There were five 45 minute sessions on the following topics:

1.Down by the Bay by Marija Milanovic
2.Line Up Accordingly by Lora Petronic-Petrovic
3.Idioms: Opposites and Origins by Katarina Ristic
4.Creative Writing by Katarina Andric
5.(English) Language by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic

See details in Lesson Plans for (Young) Adults and Lesson Plans for Young Learners and Teenagers.

Lingva Workshop June 2011 - From left to right: Katarina Ristic, Katarina Andric, Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, Lora Petronic-Petrovic