31 May

My Portrait by Svetlana

IMG_1936 otv


I am doing This is my world – show me yours! English course at Lingva Language Centre. We are learning how to present ourselves and our environment. I have met here Marta, Katarina, Jelena and Mira. They look motivated and enthusiastic to learn something new.

Now I can talk about myself. This is my profile:

My name is Svetlana end I am 17 years old. I go to secondary economic school, the course of tourism. When I finish school I will be a tourist guide. I would like to work in Serbia and to travel to other countries.

I am of medium height and slim and I have shoulder- length brown hair and black eyes. I am relatively short. I usually wear pink leggings, T-shirts with some pink pattern and flip-flops. I like earrings.

My friends say that I like to help other people, that I am talkative and stubborn. I think they are right. In my free time I like to play with my cat and a like to write love poems.

I would like to learn more about famous sights in England.