01 Jun

My Portrait by Snezana

Dear Diary,
I am doing This is my world – show me yours! English course at Lingva Language Centre. I am learning how to present myself and my environment. I have met some new friends here – Katarina, Jelena, Marta, Svetlana, and Mira. They look interested and motivated to learn some more English, just like me.



Now I can talk about myself. This is my profile:
My name is Snezana and I am 16.
I go to Secondary Agricultural School, the course of horticulture. When I finish school I will be a horticultural technician. I would like to work in a landscaping and interior design agency. I am of medium height and build. I have long brown hair and green eyes. I usually wear a track suit or jeans and a T-shirt with some design. My friends say that I am a kind person, and that I am full of surprises. I think I am creative and I like to draw anime girls.
I would like to learn more about travelling to other countries.