13 May

REPORT by Sanja Zivancevic

Dear Mr. President

I come on behalf of  fund-raising organisation for disadvantaged children.

The main purpose of this report is  to show people that here are a lot of serious fund-raising organisations even if they are at the beginning. We started this organisation last year, when we raise very big sum of money for disadvantaged children. We were very proud because we had opportunity to help more than expected. This year we organised fund-raising day which went very well and we also raised a lot of money, more than last year.

This year was decided to give all money for schooling for those children. Assistance was provided by mayor, and three television. Volunteers included about 50 people, mostly students from the philological university who were really great and good in what hey were doing. Thanks to them and their bravely decisions, the largest part of the sum  raised came from house-to-house collection (40%). We also had street collection where we raised another 30% of sum, and the rest of money we collected on charity concert and performance.

In the light of this year’s experience we decided to keep up next year with house-to-house collection, maybe to make some street party with DJ  instead of performance. It is recommended that we have to look more serious, maybe to have some special badges which will demonstrate that we are genuine, because people thought that we are not.

I am hoping that you are satisfied.