Famous People Biographies 2015

Why do we admire musicians R5, Eminem, Deadmau5, Guns N’ Roses, Zayn Malik, Beyonce, actress Sandra Bullock and basketball-player Allen Iverson? Here are some of the answers:
“I think they’re very talented and they play with their hearts. They love what they do and it’s very important.”
“I admire him because he helped so many people get on with their lives.”
“He is very unique, he wears his costume, the mouse helmet, at every performance he has and he is very humorous.”
“They are very old, but still very good.”
“He is my favourite singer and he is a great person.”
“She is very successful and she cares a lot about her fans.”
“I think it is great that she donates money to charity.”
“He is a great example of a person who grows and learns through his mistakes.”
Lingva Secondary B1.b group: Anđela Mišković, Ognjen Stanojlović, Nikola Lukić, Emilija Mirković, Mira Đukić, Jelisaveta Maksimović, Marija Đukić and Filip Miličević, supported by teacher Katarina Andrić.

DJ Deadmau5 by Nikola Lukić

Eminem by Ognjen Stanojlović

Guns N`Roses by Emilija Mirković

R5 by Andjela Mišković

Allen Iverson by Filip Miličević

Sandra Bullock by Marija Đukić

Zayn Malik by Mirjana Đukić

Beyonce by Jelisaveta Maksimović