Lingva Animal Presentations

We did some research on the web and found out that the black caiman lives in fresh water and is most active at night, the Indian walkingstick insect can be as much as 8 cm and the harpy eagle 86 cm long, and that the Siberian husky lives in the Arctic, in extremely cold weather, down to -75°F.
Primary A2.c students Anđela Bojičić, Marko and Matija Radovanović, Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević, with the little help from their teacher Katarina Andrić

Black Caiman by Anđela Bojičić

Indian Walkingstick and Harpy Eagle by Marko and Matija Radovanović

Black Caiman & Siberian Husky by Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević