15 Jun

A Walk around Valjevo by Jelena

I would like to show you round Valjevo. The first place we could visit is the River Gradac. It is one of cleanest rivers in Serbia. It takes fifteen minutes to get there from the city centre. People walk along it every day and in every season. They swim in the Gradac only in summer because its water is pretty cold. My favorite place on the Gradac is the Dam. People love to fish here.

From Gradac we could go to Marko’s Chair. It is on a hill above Valjevo. According to an old legend from the Middle Ages, Prince Marko sat on this hill and washed his feet in the river 100 m below. From this place there is a magnificent view of  the city of Valjevo. It is a favorite walkway of the citizens of Valjevo and their guests.


Markova stolica

Photos by Gradac Valjevo