15 Jun

A Walk round Valjevo by Marta



Let’s go for a walk round Valjevo. We could first go to Petnica Science Centre. It gives special education to talented children from Serbia and other countries. Young people work on projects and do a lot of experiments. Petnica Science Centre is a very clean, unpolluted and peaceful place because it is located in the village of the same name. It takes half an hour to get there.

The second place that I would like to take you to is Tesnjar. It is one of the oldest quarters in Valjevo. It used to be an old shopping centre a long time ago. It is on the right bank of the Kolubara river and it is very pleasant to sit in its cafes. Tesnjar is a protected cultural treasure because it has many houses built in the old Turkish-Serbian architectural style.

The third place I will show you is Brankovina. It is a village in the territory of the city of Valjevo. It is the birth place of the greatest Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimovic. Besides her old school there is a an old church where famous Serbian statesmen from the family Nenadovic were buried. In the church yard there are copies of their summer cottages.

I hope that you have enjoyed this walk.