05 Mar

Character Reference by Milica Cvetinovic

Sonia Kyrilenko

I have known Sonia for twenty years now, both as a family member and as a person who looked after my children in the past. When I gave a birth to my first child, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me out then her. Later, when I got my second child, she had a full time job at my home, helping me with the new baby, apart from studying at University. When my children started going to school she found a new job at a local kindergarten
During her work at my house she proved herself to be very patient with children and very careful about teaching them to have healthy eating habits. I am grateful for that because, even today, my children have the most beautiful teeth in their class and have no health problems at all. In spite of her not giving them too much candies my children adored her, because she was so good with them and had many ways to make them laugh.
As a friend I have always thought of her as a nice and polite person. She has also been very well organized and she has never had problems striking a balance between her full time job and her school. I can confirm that she has always been persistance and she did everything I asked her to, even more!

But sometimes her persistence can lead to unexpected events, such as arguing with my neighbour because he had parked his car in my children’s playground. However, she made up with him and even made him promise that he wouldn’t disturb my children again!

Sonia informed me recently that she would be glad to work for you, and it is clear from the job description that the job is perfect for her, so I have no hesitation in recommending her.