25 Sep

Slow and Fast Life in Valjevo by Milica Cvetinovic

Old town

Photo bz Lj. Ljiljak

For all my life I have been living in this city. It has always been a small and slow town, but as the time changes so does our time. I remember, when I was a child, there were no hypermarkets, and now they are being opened everywhere. It is the same with big stores which sell branded goods, and I am still not sure whether it is a good or a bad thing. It definitely has some upsides and some downsides. For example, now there is a big choice of low-priced things, but the small shops are being closed because they can not compete with the sales that big shops offer. Also there are not enough people which could buy these things.
As for the people of my time, they have always been convivial and I believe that this will never change. Although they do not have good salaries and maybe they have not paid the rent for their apartment, they will always laugh cheerfully and be ready to help you find yourselves around. Also, people who live in the suburb are known for their neighbourliness and willingness to help. Sometimes Valjevo’s citizens are closer to their neighbours then to their family.
All in all, Valjevo is a small, warm town, with the aspects of both slow and fast life. It is changing but I believe that it will always keep its mentality and hospitality.

19 Mar

Information sheet by Milica Cvetinovic

Well-established chess club looking for new members!


Established in 1899, “The Queen” is the oldest and the most successful club in the country. It has always been managed by the best known experts in the field and now is looking for new members!


Reasons for joining the club

You may want to find a new hobby or just try something new. Apart from these there are lots of others reasons to join:

  • This is a place where you will have the opportunity of developing your skills
  • You will be able to learn from the best
  • You will make new connections and friendships


Other extra benefits:

Apart from the reasons above, you will get some extra benefits as a member of the Club:

  • Every three months you will get an extra ticket for using the city library.
  • Every Wednesday we will have special guests giving lectures about the world famous games of chess.
  • You will be able to take part in some competitions organized by the State Chess Association.
  • If you win, you may have a chance to gain some valuable prizes such as a week-end trip toMoscowto the Hall of Chess for the World Chess Championship.



Membership is open to anyone aged 9 – 99. It isn’t necessary to have any previous knowledge about chess. To get in, just come to our offices in the town hall between 7pm and 9pm any Monday or Wednesday and bring your ID.


Remember: we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Just call us at our office phone.

05 Mar

Newscast Review by Milica Cvetinovic


On the 3rd March 1997, a strange event happened in Phoenix, Arizona. Some lights were seen and not even today has anyone explained exactly what happened that night. Gary Tuchman, a CNN journalist decided to make a newscast about it. It is interesting, especially because the former Governer of Arizona talks about it.

Fife Symington who was the governer at the time speaks about what the event and the situation were ike at the time. He introduces us to a place of the event and speaks about the situation in the Goverment. Apparentlly, back in 1997 he couldn’t speak freely about everything because otherwise he would create panic in the state. However, he claims that behind the eyes of the public he wasn’t sure himself what happened that night.

Apart from the governer’s uncertainty, people who witnessed the event are more than certain what happened. In the videos from 1997 we can see how upset they were by the vividness of their descriptions. They claim to have seen something large, something strange, and that there is no way that it was made by the human hand.

What is interesting is the fact that not even today is it explained what was seen in the Phoenix sky that night. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the existence of the aliens and their craft or not, this is an interesting story to be heard. Lots of questions, still no answers. Not even ten years later.

05 Mar

Character Reference by Milica Cvetinovic

Sonia Kyrilenko

I have known Sonia for twenty years now, both as a family member and as a person who looked after my children in the past. When I gave a birth to my first child, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me out then her. Later, when I got my second child, she had a full time job at my home, helping me with the new baby, apart from studying at University. When my children started going to school she found a new job at a local kindergarten
During her work at my house she proved herself to be very patient with children and very careful about teaching them to have healthy eating habits. I am grateful for that because, even today, my children have the most beautiful teeth in their class and have no health problems at all. In spite of her not giving them too much candies my children adored her, because she was so good with them and had many ways to make them laugh.
As a friend I have always thought of her as a nice and polite person. She has also been very well organized and she has never had problems striking a balance between her full time job and her school. I can confirm that she has always been persistance and she did everything I asked her to, even more!

But sometimes her persistence can lead to unexpected events, such as arguing with my neighbour because he had parked his car in my children’s playground. However, she made up with him and even made him promise that he wouldn’t disturb my children again!

Sonia informed me recently that she would be glad to work for you, and it is clear from the job description that the job is perfect for her, so I have no hesitation in recommending her.

05 Mar

I Never Knock On Wood by Milica Cvetinovic

I never do that. It is pointless to make noise by knocking on wood in order “not to be heard by the evil”. I do admit that everyone of us is a little bit superstitious, but some things as knocking on wood are just ridiculous! Also, I am glad to notice that it is nowadays more rare to hear this sentence, probably because it is more often being told by elderly people than people of my age.