05 Mar

Newscast Review by Ivan Beljic

Phoenix Lights II by n8kowald

Many people usually do not believe in the UFOs but would you think differently if you happened to be in Arizona 15 years ago ? In 1997, in Phoenix, there were some unexplained lights showing up over the sky. People were shocked and amazed and some of them even terrified.

In the news, we can see a man and a woman, who witnessed this event. They describe it as huge lights which unequaly spread over the town . People say that it was the size of a football pitch. They were just standing on the ground, probably thinking how small and helpless they were that they could not do anything about it.

Fife Symington, who was the Governor of Arizona at the time also noticed this mystery. Leslie Kean, who is in a coalition for the freedom of information explains why he could not claim that he had seen an UFO, and she adds that the reason is obvious. He was a public figure.

To sum up, Fife Symington could not tell in public what he had seen because it would cause panic between the people and it would bring them to some negative emotional reactions. But, I believe that was not the reason. In my opinion, the Defence Department did not want anyone to talk in public because it was their aircraft which they had probably developed against the terrorists.

I assume that can be one of the reasons, but in the end who knows. That remains a mystery till today.