07 Mar

Newscast review by Sanja Z.

I recently saw a CNN newscast about the strangest event in Arizona which happened 10 years ago, and no one can really explain to us what it was. Some strange lights appeared in the night sky above Phoenix in Arizona.

Former Arizona Governor Five Symington witnessesed the event as did a lot of other citizens of Phoenix. They told pretty the same story about that event. Five Symington introduced a place of the event to the CNN journalist which wanted to made newscast about it. Five was pretty afraid to make panic 10 years ago, because he also wasn’t so sure what was happened that night in 1997.


In regard to Five, residents were certain about everything what they saw. In this video we can notice that they are explaining and describing everything like it is happening in that moment. They told they saw something strange, large, incredibly, size of a football field.


Five Symington couldn’t tell in public what he had seen that night, and now he wanted to explain what it was. But even if he tried to explain us, we still didn’t get the real answer, or it is better to say matching answer. It’s not important if you believe in Fives and people words, I am sure you should watch this video because it is fun and interesting, even if there is a lot of questions without answer.