28th Lingva Inhouse Workshop: “Lingva Teaching Sparkles 4“

On 16 June 2018, German teacher Greta Petrešin Gojković and English teacher Katarina Ristić held 28th Lingva Inhouse Workshop titled “Lingva Teaching Sparkles 4“:

– Präsentation über die Ferienaktivitäten by Greta Petrešin Gojković
– Games for Revising Vocabulary by Katarina Ristić

Teacher Greta used the introductory part of her workshop to remind us of the characteristics of high-quality teaching (10 Tips for Foreign Language Teaching “From Practice to Practice“), after which she presented a concept of covering the topic of holiday, based on a multitude of attractive multimedia resources which help carry out the necessary repetition of language items in an easier and more authentic way, integrate practice all four language skills and discover other cultures through language learning.

Katarina Ristić showed a set of multimedia activities that she has been using in her work with young and adult learners , explained how she uses them and gave the participants the necessary links to try out themsleves various types of quizzes, competitions, matching and song listening, in order to provide them with an insight into most suitable resources for work with their own groups of learners. Both lecturers had prepared samples of flash cards for this workshop to demonstrate benefits of language learning with these visual aids and demonstrated a lot of activities on the interactive white board.

As usual, the presentations were received with utmost interest and enthusiasm. Here are some of participants’ comments on Katarina’s workshop:

“Everything was fantastic, innovative, with a lot of useful sites for interactive activities, and plenty of brilliant games for revision. Super!“
“Excellent activities. Most (if not all) of them were unfamiliar to me, so there is a lot of material to use next year.“

And some about Greta’s workshop:

“It was enjoyable and interesting. Plenty of materials that can be used in class.“
“A presentation created and given methodically and in great detail. We were given a lot of ideas for our classes.“

Games for Revising Vocabulary Plan
Ferienaktivitäten Präsentation – Greta Petrešin Gojković