06 Sep

Living alone… by Marko and Milica

Many people think that if you live alone you will have more time for yourself , but would you not be bored?  There are many advantages and disandvantages so it is hard to decide what to do.

In the first place, you will always be sure that you have your roommate with you in every situation. He (or she) will always be there for you, to help you, if you can not manage to do all of your obligations. Than, there is the fact that you will always have someone to share your time with amd to talk to (if your roommate has enough time). What’s more, you get to share your costs! Ofcourse, you are expected to do all the same things for your roommate.

On the other hand your roommate can be a burden to you. If you do not organise and agree in what each of you have to do you would fight alot. It is good to agree about using bathroom, socializing, shareing costs, free time otherwise you can just ruin your live together.

When everything is considerd there are much more advantages than disadvantages of  living together. If you chose your roommate smartly you can only have benefits from living together.

So find your self a roommate and stard living together right now!