06 Sep

Living alone… by Sanja and Jelena

This is a good piece of writing. There are some minor mistakes that I have italicised for you to correct. The sign V  means that you should insert a word. The composition is mostly coherent, but you start with “we”, and finish with “I”. You use “and” too often – see where you can replace it with another conjunction.  Also, your word count is 219, and it should be from 120 to 180.

Many people think that living with someone is better than living alone. Some people say that it is not true. We think that living alone is better and more enjoyable than living with someone else.

The main advantage is that you are free to use your time however you want. You can invite your friends when you have free time and you do not have to listen to and  spend your time with other people, when you are not in good mood to do that, or you have to study. Another advantage is that you have a lot of space for yourself  and your own peace. You do not need to put someones stuff away or to clean for somebody. If you do that you do it for yourself.

On the other hand there are disadvantages too. You can feel lonely when nobody is with you, to listen to you when you are sad, or to help you with learning. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay everything , there is no one to share bills with you because life is very expensive these days.

However, I would like to live alone. Maybe there is some reason which could explain this. We live in a large families so we cannot be alone when we want that.