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22nd LINGVA Workshop on LEGO Language Teaching

22nd Lingva Workshop on  LEGO Language Teaching
22nd Lingva Workshop on LEGO Language Teaching

After finishing teaching for this school year, Lingva teachers had an opportunity to run an inhouse workshop on integrating LEGO constructions into language teaching. It was our 22nd inhouse workshop titled Help Me Build My Story! Creating Picture Books, Comics and News Stories with LEGO Elements. Continuing its policy of continuing investment into the cutting edge teaching equipment and aids, Lingva has recently purchased an innovative educational Lego pack with expansion sets, together with respective software, aimed at boosting motivation of our young students for language learning and improving speaking and writing skills. The worskhop was set up and run by Marija Milovanović, Marija Matić and Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović, and other teachers contributed to the activities with plenty of creative details for story “building”.

Lingva Teacher at 4th TEYL Conference in Jagodina

On 5th and 6th June 2015 Lingva teacher Lora Petronić Petrović presented the paper “Performance-based and authentic assessment for Cambridge YLE Starters Exam” at the 4th International Conference Teaching English to Young Learners: Assessment and Learning organised by the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac. The conference was dedicated to various aspects of assessment in TEYL. The presenters from 13 countries – Great Britain, the USA, Sweden, Poland, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Germany and Serbia took part in it.
The plenary speakers at the conference were Professors Marianne Nikolov, PhD, University of Pecs, Hungary, Jelena Mihaljević Djigunović, PhD, University of Zagreb, Croatia, JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall, PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, and Shelagh Rixon, PhD, University of Warwick, UK.

Excellent Results of Cambridge Young Learners’ Exams 2015

IMG_5400 [1024x768]

It took less than a month since taking Cambridge Young Learners Exams, on 24 May this year, to receive the impatiently awaited results. On 19 June, Starters, Movers and Flyers gathered at Lingva again, for the 16th year in a row, for the Cambridge Young Learners of English Certificate Award ceremony. Our waiting was rewarded much better than we had expected! There was a much higher number of candidates winning the individual maximum of 15 little coats each for the skills of reading and writing, listening and speaking than in any of the previous years. Especially happy were the Flyers, whose group average was 14 coats. Once again we could see for ourselves that it pays off to work hard and at the end of the ceremony we proudly posed with our certificates for a group photo. This is good news to share through online social media with our friends who are currently on holiday away from Valjevo and were not able to attend the award ceremony.

Lingva Animal Presentations

We did some research on the web and found out that the black caiman lives in fresh water and is most active at night, the Indian walkingstick insect can be as much as 8 cm and the harpy eagle 86 cm long, and that the Siberian husky lives in the Arctic, in extremely cold weather, down to -75°F.
Primary A2.c students Anđela Bojičić, Marko and Matija Radovanović, Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević, with the little help from their teacher Katarina Andrić

Black Caiman by Anđela Bojičić

Indian Walkingstick and Harpy Eagle by Marko and Matija Radovanović

Black Caiman & Siberian Husky by Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević