06 Sep


Friendship by Vinodbahal

1. Lead-in
a. Living alone or with someone else is a choice most of us have to make during our university studies or when we find employment. What would you prefer?
Write down some thoughts about their upsides and downsides.

b. Read what other people have written and write some comments.

2. Writing
After this fruitful exchange of thoughts you are ready to write a composition on the following topic:
Living alone is a better choice than living with roommates

Follow these guidelines:
Introduction: A general statement / rhetorical question
Advantages: Topic statement plus 2 advantage arguments.
Disadvantages: Topic statement plus 2 disadvantage arguments.
Conclusion: Summing up / weighing up arguments plus your personal opinion
Remember to explain and illustrate your arguments.

3. Finding a roommate
If you find yourself in a situation to share a flat with somebody for any possible reason, e.g. to share costs, you will have to find a person you get on with. One of the things that could help you make your decision is doing this compatibility test. Copy the results and post them on this blog.

4. Feedback
Are you happy with the results? Do you find any of them surprising? Which roommate qualities do you value the most? Write your comments on this wall.

5. Roommate quiz making

Watch Futurama: I, Roommate video and use Hot Potatoes programme to make a T/F quiz with your partner.

6. Roommate quiz solving

Swap quizzes and solve quizzes made by other pairs.