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Lingva Teacher Completed Trainer Development Course

Lingva teacher Katarina Andrić presenting at Trainer Development Course at British Council Belgrade, June 2015
Lingva teacher Katarina Andrić presenting at Trainer Development Course at British Council Belgrade, June 2015

From February to June, Lingva teacher Katarina Andrić attended The Trainer Development Course organised by the British Council and financed jointly by the participant herself and Lingva School. The course is designed for teachers who want to make transition from teacher to trainer and it comprised of seven workshops during which the participants learnt how to create and deliver effective and succesful workshops.

At the end of the course, each participant prepared a presentation followed by feedback and discussion. Katarina held a workshop titled Using Songs in ELT ( Using Songs with Teenagers). The goals of Katarina’s workshop were to identify important criteria in choosing songs and experiment with different activities connected with using songs. At the end participants gave their opinion of the workshop. They gave very positive comments stating that “it was very practical”, “versatile and useful” and that they were “looking forward to using those ideas in their classroom”. Some participants said they felt “ inspired “ and they all wished Katarina “ to keep up with the good work”.

This has been a natural step for Katarina to take in her continuing professional development. It is the policy of Lingva school within its high quality assurance plan to constantly support its teachers in their professional career development through a systematic implementation of YALS Teacher Training and Development Scheme, which includes regular mentoring, peer observation, Lingva in-house workshops, and international seminars and conferences organised by YALS, ELTA and the British Council.

Lingva Animal Presentations

We did some research on the web and found out that the black caiman lives in fresh water and is most active at night, the Indian walkingstick insect can be as much as 8 cm and the harpy eagle 86 cm long, and that the Siberian husky lives in the Arctic, in extremely cold weather, down to -75°F.
Primary A2.c students Anđela Bojičić, Marko and Matija Radovanović, Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević, with the little help from their teacher Katarina Andrić

Black Caiman by Anđela Bojičić

Indian Walkingstick and Harpy Eagle by Marko and Matija Radovanović

Black Caiman & Siberian Husky by Luka Pavlović, Luka Jakovljević & Lazar Milojević

Famous People Biographies 2015

Why do we admire musicians R5, Eminem, Deadmau5, Guns N’ Roses, Zayn Malik, Beyonce, actress Sandra Bullock and basketball-player Allen Iverson? Here are some of the answers:
“I think they’re very talented and they play with their hearts. They love what they do and it’s very important.”
“I admire him because he helped so many people get on with their lives.”
“He is very unique, he wears his costume, the mouse helmet, at every performance he has and he is very humorous.”
“They are very old, but still very good.”
“He is my favourite singer and he is a great person.”
“She is very successful and she cares a lot about her fans.”
“I think it is great that she donates money to charity.”
“He is a great example of a person who grows and learns through his mistakes.”
Lingva Secondary B1.b group: Anđela Mišković, Ognjen Stanojlović, Nikola Lukić, Emilija Mirković, Mira Đukić, Jelisaveta Maksimović, Marija Đukić and Filip Miličević, supported by teacher Katarina Andrić.

DJ Deadmau5 by Nikola Lukić

Eminem by Ognjen Stanojlović

Guns N`Roses by Emilija Mirković

R5 by Andjela Mišković

Allen Iverson by Filip Miličević

Sandra Bullock by Marija Đukić

Zayn Malik by Mirjana Đukić

Beyonce by Jelisaveta Maksimović


We are surrounded by various materials and often take them for granted, but from time to time it is good to remember their properties so that we can recommend and use them for different purposes.
Filip, Ognjen, Milica, Tea, Aleksa, Luka Mil, Lazar, Ognjen, Luka Madž. and Vukašin, with teacher Ivana Lazić

Materials by Filip Selenić and Ognjen Šipčić
Materials by Milica Glišić and Tea Beljić
Materials by Aleksa Momić and Luka Milisavljević
Materials by Lazar Radović and Ognjen Petronijević
Materials by Luka Madžarević and Vukašin Vasiljević

Lingva Multimedia Projects: The Best School Trip

This time most of Lingva students presented a school trip to Novi Sad as the most memorable one. They were very impressed with a lot of new things they saw, especially The Museum of Jovan Jovanović, one of the best Serbian poets, nicknamed “the Dragon”, the Name of Mary Church, with its colourful stained-glass windows and a big clock, and the Nature Museum, with its varied collections and enormous mamoth remains.  In addition to Novi Sad, the other popular places described in this project by Jelisaveta, Mirjana, Marija, Filip, Ognjen, Aleksandar, Nikola, and Aleksa, with support from teacher Katarina Andrić, were Belgrade, Zlatibor, Vrnjačka Banja and mountains Suvobor and Rajac. As in all school trips, they had a lot of fun in the bus, making jokes, listening to music, playing games on mobile phones, and taking funny photos. In the mentioned big cities they did not forget, of course, to visit a McDonald’s restaurant, which we still do not have in Valjevo. One day in the future, when they grow up, these posters and presentations will remind them of all carefree moments they enjoyed on these trips.

School Trip to Novi Sad by Jelisaveta Maksimović
School Trip to Vrnjačka Banja by Mirjana Đukić
School Trip to Suvobor by Marija Đukić
School Trip to Novi Sad by Filip Milićević
School Trip to Zlatibor by Ognjen Stanojlović
School Trip to Novi Sad by Aleksandar Trifković
School Trip to Belgrade by Nikola Lukić
School Trip to Novi Sad by Aleksa Perović

Most popular Movies in Lingva A2.a/2 Group

Our Favourite Movies by A2.a Group 2
Our Favourite Movies by A2.a Group 2

Here are some more movies that we have watched recently. Some are scary, some epic and some are witty and romantic. Sometimes we do not know whether we prefer film stars or special effects. Very often we like a good story with fantastic creatures or with teenage resourcefulness. The films we like best are Resident Evil: Extermination, The Lord of the Rings and Zapped.

Our Favourite Movie by Aleksandra Živanović and Milica Nikolić
Our Favourite Movie by Marko Stojanović & Nikola Živanović
Our Favourite Movies by Đorđe Jelić  and Lazar Beljić

Most Popular Movies at Lingva: Group A2.a/3

Our favourite movie genres this month (November 2014) are action, adventure, comedy and fantasy. The films we like best are The Mummy, The Amazing Spider-man, Transporter 2, Home Alone, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Sofija Glišić, Milica Vujić, Veljko Gajić, Luka Lučić, Janko Šejatović, Elena Korčula, Tina Mijatović and Nikola Adžić, with teacher Katarina Vićentijević

My Favourite Movie by Sofija
My Favourite Movie by Milica
Our Favourite Movie by Janko and Elena
Our Favourite Movie by Luka and Veljko
Our Favourite Movie by Tina and Nikola

YALS at 4th National Conference of Language Schools

YALS members Marija Pejatović, Vesna Stakić, Maja Gavrilović, Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović and Biljana Barna, with Verica Amidžić (the third from the left)
YALS members Marija Pejatović, Vesna Stakić, Maja Gavrilović, Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović and Biljana Barna, with Verica Amidžić (the third from the left)

At the recently held 4th National Conference of Language Schools, organised by English Book in Belgrade on 11 October 2014, Maja Gavrilović, representative of YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia, gave a short presentation on the forthcoming accredited YALS seminars, new YALS project of language school certification, and other activities.

YALS at 4th National Conference of Language Schools

19th Lingva Workshop – Enlivening Language Skills: Reading

IMG_1321 [1024x768]

Lingva in-house workshop No. 19 in the school year 2013/2014 was the first in a series of events aimed at revitalising teaching of language skills by introducing colourful media and new technologies. Most of the lesson plans were based on exploiting stories, starting from Celtic tales to comic strip legends to contemporary short stories for children and adults. All of these stories were accompanied with strong visual elements, either in the form of picture books, old paintings and photographs or flash cards. In some presentations, teachers demonstrated how to integrate reading with the skills of listening and speaking, and in others how the reading texts could be analyzed for review writng or serve as models for creative story telling and writing.


Primary A1.c: Let’s read and Have Fun by Lora Petronic-Petrovic 

Let’s Read and Have Fun Lesson Plan

Let’s Read and Have Fun      Worksheet 1      Worksheet 2      Worksheet 3

Secondary A2.b: Good Idea by Ivana Lazic

Good Idea Lesson Plan

Good Idea Worksheet

Secondary A2.b: Make Your Own Story by Milica Maric

Make Your Own Story Lesson Plan

Secondary B1.b: Superpowers by Marija Milovanovic

Superpowers Lesson Plan

Young Adult B2.b: Reading in Shining Armour by Katarina Andric

Reading in Shining Armour Lesson Plan

Young Adult B2.a: I’ve just read a good story! by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic

I’ve Just Read a Good Story Lesson Plan

I’ve Just Read a Good story Worksheet


Secondary A2.a Ein echtes Stück Wien by Ivana Vujić

Ein echtes Stück Wien-Plan casa

Ein echtes Stück Wien-Realizacija casa