09 Jul


Lingva Workshop No.14

Marija Milovanovic, second on the left, presenting at Lingva Workshop 14


Down by the Bay Lesson Plan

Down by the Bay Lyrics

for Young Learners and Teenagers, Level A2

by Marija Milovanovic


09 Jul

Lingva Summer Workshop No. 14

Lingva Workshop June 2011 - From right to left: Marija Milovanovic, Katarina Ristic and Katarina Andric

On June 23, 2011, Lingva teachers held the 14th In-house Lingva Workshop. The workshop covered both original work and modifications of activities described in ELT literature or of those presented in other workshops or seminars. There were five 45 minute sessions on the following topics:

1.Down by the Bay by Marija Milanovic
2.Line Up Accordingly by Lora Petronic-Petrovic
3.Idioms: Opposites and Origins by Katarina Ristic
4.Creative Writing by Katarina Andric
5.(English) Language by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic

See details in Lesson Plans for (Young) Adults and Lesson Plans for Young Learners and Teenagers.

Lingva Workshop June 2011 - From left to right: Katarina Ristic, Katarina Andric, Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, Lora Petronic-Petrovic

19 Feb


Lingva Workshop Feb 2011 – From left to right: Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, Marija Matic and Katarina Andric

On February 18, 2011, Lingva Language School organised the thirteen in-house workshop dedicated to assessment standardisation, this time with calibrated written samples, as recommended by YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia and on the basis of resources received from EAQUALS.

The participants were first familiarized with overall writing assessment criteria by CEFR levels, which was followed by a more thorough examination of the criteria of range, accuracy and coherence, as well as those of description and argument. Then the standardisation training was conducted using calibrated CEFR illustrative writing samples and CEFR Writing Assessment Grid, provided by EAQUALS, and following the recommended stages of individual rating, pair/small group rating and whole group discussion. One of the general conclusions reached during feedback was that teachers at Lingva were relatively stricter in their assessment, especially with respect to the criterion of accuracy.

Lingva Workshop Feb 2011 – From right to left: Katarina Ristic, Milica Milanovic, Lora Petronic-Petrovic, Katarina Andric and Marija Matic

19 Dec

Lingva Workshops 11 & 12: Speaking Assessment Standardisation

Lingva Workshop Dec 2010 - From left to right: Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, Katarina Andric, Marija Matic and Lora Petronic-Petrovic

One of the most elusive areas in language teaching is objective assessment of speaking and writing skills. Not only can it become a nightmare for young teachers without experience but it can also make more experienced teachers ask themselves whether their criteria have always been comprehensive and fair enough. In view of this, any additional practice and experience sharing in the field of testing and assessment is more than welcome, and support from national and international organisations for promotion of language quality services in providing assessment benchmarks is indispensable.

For that purpose, Lingva has organised two in-house workshops aimed at CEFR-based speaking assessment standardisation training, as recommended by YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia and on the basis of instructions provided by EAQUALS.

In the first workshop held on 15 October 2010, the main emphasis was placed on familiarising teachers with CEFR speaking overviews and descriptors.
In the second workshop on 14 December 2010, filmed samples of CEFR-calibrated oral production were used as benchmarks and teachers were asked to rate both spoken production and interaction performance of selected students, first individually, than in groups.

The main objective of both workshops was to further develop a common interpetation of the CEFR levels by Lingva teachers, at both an individual and collective level, and at the same time help them achieve consistency in their continuous assessment of students’ competence in English. The next workshop to be held in spring 2011 will deal with writing assessment standardisation.