22 Feb


I think I am a little bit superstitious. I think it is my grandmother’s fault because she is a very superstitious woman. She really knows all customs from her homeland and she is really keen on keeping them alive. She would go crazy if anyone did not respect them. So that is the origin of my superstitions and they became a type of habit and not something I believe in. When someone talks about how well they are doing, it is like an instict for me to say ”Demons should not hear that”. However, I really do not care about black cats, mirrors and such things even though I used to when I was younger. For me there is no person who is not a bit superstitious because you simply must believe in something.


22 Feb

I never knock on wood by Sanja

I am not the person who was taught to believe in magic, or  to be superstitious. That is why I cannot understand someone who believes in that strange stuff in our life. I think that it is really unnecesarry to be a part of us especially when we have to deal with the rest of our usual life problems.  I am not here to ruin someone’s rituals, but I am sure that superstition cannot be a good thing. You know, when you believe in something then you expect it to come true. But what is happening when you realise that everything crashes in front of you? Even if you have your rabbit foot with you it will not help you, it would just mean that in those  situations you replace faith with anger and madness. If my thoughts are right, because I talk from my own experience, I am sure that being superstitious is not good at all.

22 Feb

I Never Knock On Wood by Ivan Beljic

Black cat... waiting to cross? by Luis Rodero-Merino

I never knock on wood. When I do a test at school, or when I am about to see whether I have passed an exam, I do not resort to such things. I think they are old customs which people used not just to bring themselves luck but also to persuade themselves that in some situations wonders could happen. I never knock on wood because I don’t think that it can change things or be useful to me in the psychological sense.